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    Service System

    Service System


    Our perception of service

    Service needs cost! Therefore, in the current security market, in order to pursue higher profits, many enterprises are product-oriented, and there are very few enterprises that can do a good job in service. Our company's engineering customer groups all attach great importance to service, which determines our development focus. In order to better serve our customer groups, our company focuses on service while paying attention to the performance and quality of products. After continuously strengthening service quality, improving service details and deepening service content, a complete set of service system with its own characteristics has been formed. The whole system is divided into three stages: "pre-sale service, in-sale service and after-sales service", and each stage will Our company's efforts and efforts in service have also been recognized and praised by the industry and customers. For our company, the pre-sale service has always been carried out before the sales link has started. We will provide pre-sales support through accurate information transmission, professional project guidance, product effect experience and other aspects, providing an effective way for customers to choose the best project implementation plan.

    The tireless transmission of information

    Sometimes, in order to obtain some industry market information or product information, engineering customers need to spend a lot of time, manpower and material resources, and the way to obtain effective information is limited and passive. In view of this situation, our company has a professional information transmission team to timely, accurately and actively transmit the latest research and development achievements, the latest industry-leading technologies and the latest product information to our customers.

    Technical guidance for specific projects

    In the specific project operation, different fields, different industries and different customers have different requirements and some special application requirements. In order to meet the customer's project application requirements, Hong Kong Zhiteng has specialized departments and professional project engineers to give different project guidance according to different project requirements, such as providing implementation plans, product selection, program guidance, equipment configuration, technical support and other services.

    Immersive effect experience

    Nowadays, there are many kinds of security products with various functions, and engineering customers can't realize and experience all kinds of products intuitively. In response to this demand, we provide diversified effect experiences for engineering customers, such as remote effect monitoring, video materials, home demonstrations, etc. In addition, by setting up multiple experience centers throughout the country, customers can experience and feel the functions and effects of the whole set of products intuitively at zero distance. Service in Sale The whole service in sale includes many links such as product design, product production, quality inspection, order tracking, goods transportation, etc. The omission of each link may cause the whole cooperation process to be blocked. After years of accumulation and innovation, the company has now formed a set of management system with its own characteristics, which has effectively guaranteed each order in terms of product performance, product quality, delivery timeliness and after-sales rights.

    Customized service

    At present, our company has a complete range of security products, which can provide customers with a complete set of security products and solutions from front-end to back-end, and can meet the different needs of different customers. However, in the use of different projects, customers sometimes have various special requirements for product performance. According to the special needs of customers, we provide customized services for customers, and carry out personalized product design, development and production in terms of product design, software development and specific functions according to customer requirements.

    Perfect documentary process

    After years of documentary experience, we have a perfect documentary process to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of each order. From customer order placing, production, quality inspection, logistics to customer delivery, every process has a special department responsible for follow-up, and every link has a strict documentary system to ensure the accuracy, safety and efficiency of each order.

    Professional, rigorous and perfect civilian service

    We have a professional, rigorous and perfect civilian team, which provides customers with professional purchase and sale contracts, accurate product information, complete legal certificates of industrial products, formal written authorization and after-sales service commitments, so as to ensure the effective protection of customers' rights and interests.

    after-sales service

    Our company has always regarded after-sales as the most important service. We have built a professional after-sales team and subdivided the after-sales content into three aspects: product-oriented, project-oriented and user-oriented, so that every after-sales task is more accurate, more effective and more intimate.

    For products

    Our company provides 24-hour uninterrupted after-sales service to solve the customer's problems in a timely and efficient manner through various ways, in view of the customer's improper use of the product or the product itself and other factors, which cause the product function to be ineffective or not normally used.

    For the project

    In the specific project operation of security monitoring, there are some problems, such as the collocation of multiple products, multiple brand products and the technical docking between different users. In view of this situation, we have established special project files for every project that uses our products. Complete records are kept from the beginning of the project implementation to the subsequent equipment addition, product software upgrade and change, so as to ensure the accuracy of each project information and provide guarantee for the subsequent project services.     

    For users

    All products of our company are equipped with detailed and complete user manuals, even so, many users can't fully grasp and understand the operation details and functions of many products. Therefore, our company provides online remote guidance, telephone guidance or professional technical engineers' on-site guidance, debugging and training.


    Focus on us

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